Leo's Tavern

Donegal Pub and Restaurant, Meenaleck, Donegal, Ireland.

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Leo Brennan

Leo Brennan had spent much of his life playing in the Slieve Foy Dance Band but as musical and social tastes migrated towards pubs and taverns he opened Leo’s in order to continue his entertainment. Along with his wife, Baba (herself a talented musician and teacher) they embarked on a family journey which gave birth to some of the most exceptional music to emerge from Ireland.

Leo and his wife Baba bought the tavern in 1968, being told regularly that the business would be closed within months. Leo was confident though: little did anyone know of his entertainment skills and his love of company. Each night, Leo would sing on-stage, inviting the family up when they weren’t helping behind the bar to give the audience a taste of Joni Mitchell (in Gaelic!) or The Beach Boys.

Leo’s years with the Slieve Foy Dance Band ensured that the show would never end: Leo has performed hundreds of songs on the stage with his trusty accordion and still regularly takes to the stage, sharing his warmth and his ‘craic’ with locals and tourists from all over the world.